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Warfare Revolutionized (Or simply known as RP's ) is a series of roleplays that follow Crimson, Crazy and the rest of their allies in a war against the alien race known as the Outlaws.


The story of Warfare Revolutionized is about Crimson, a human-bat hybrid and also a United States Marine who fights the Outlaw Empire , an alien race who's leader, Ultimax Zero, waged war on humanity, along with his friend Crazygame, a warrior. During the war, Crimson and Crazy encounter soldiers and heroes who decide to assist both of them in the battle against the Outlaws. In the war, the Outlaws invade countries such as United States or Britain and sometimes take full control of them briefly.

Warfare Revolutionized 1Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 1 is the the first installment of the Warfare Revolutionized's Earth Saga. In this installment, Crimson and Crazy battle the Outlaws in their first invasion plan of United States. During this time, they meet two people, Akahrin, a sadistic assassin who is a rival to Crazy and Blaze, a SPARTAN-II supersoldier who assists Crazy and Akahrin after Crimson was captured by the Outlaws. Near the end, the heroes and USMC make a uneasy alliance with the Outlaws to combat the sudden outbreak of a zombie infection.

Warfare Revolutionized 2Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 2 is the second installment. It continues the war between humanity and the Outlaws. The heroes encounter a new type of Outlaw, the chainsaw Outlaws, who are led by their leader, Kantus. They meet Edd, a expert but dim-witted magician. They travel to Venice to combat the Outlaws and witness the death of the General, who before he dies, promotes Crimson to a General. They also once again combat the zombies, and seemingly exterminate them for good. During the end, Blaze receives a transmission from Spartan Team Echo, which reveals that Blaze is not the only SPARTAN. Edd also seemingly dissapears.

Warfare Revolutionized 3Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 3 is the third installment. Unlike the first two installments, 3 focuses more on Blaze, who meets up with Spartan Team Echo, a team consisting of five Spartans, Nick, Zak, Ramirez, Gold, and Emily. They also meet with a another magician who takes them through an unusual world, there, they meet up with Edd again. Later, Spartan Team Echo explains that the reason they are here is because the Covenant, another alien race, during the future, used a machine to send them back into the years of 2010 in order to easily exterminate humanity without resistance. The UNSC, a later Earth military followed them, explaning the presence of Blaze and Echo. Spartan Team Echo later takes Blaze, Crazy, Akahrin and Edd into space to combat the Covenant presence, with Crimson staying behind to defend Earth. When they return they find The City in ruins. However despite this, Crimson is revealed to be alive. Spartan Team Echo returns to space to combat the Covenant and the rest of the heroes wait for the next Outlaw attack.

Warfare Revolutionized 4Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 4 is the fourth installment. In this installment Crimson and the rest of the heroes are surprised attacked by the Outlaws in their hometown of Rabbiana. The Outlaws later attack and succesfully capture ' ' The City ' '. During this time they encounter four Outlaw supersoldiers and a robotic clone of Akahrin which prove to being powerful. After the capture of the city, the heroes flee to the desert where they mke their temporary home in a house. They are later attacked by one of the Outlaw supersoldiers and they manage to defeat it. They later receive a transmission from th United States Marine Corps who are planning a counterattack against the Outlaws. They head to their desert base and begin heading towards the city along with the Marines. As they land in the city, they are attacked by two of the Outlaw supersoldiers, which they also neutralize. Finally they break through Outlaw defenses. However, Crimson is set on fire by Dark Crimson, and is killed. However through use of Crimsons DNA and a robotic body, they bring him back to life, and battle the remaining Outlaw supersoldier, the robot Akahrin, Black Crysis and Ultimax, After a decisive battle, they recapture The City

Warfare Revolutionized 5Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 5 is the fifth installment. After the events 4, attacks on the The City begin occuring, however, these attacks are revealed to be non-Outlaw ones. Opon investigation, they find out that the attacks are being caused by themselves from another dimension. They discover this dimension is strange, as the heroes are changed into villains and vice versa. They decide to enter the dimension and destroy their twisted counterparts. Along the way, they meet a soldier named Ghost, who decides to assist them. They enter the dimension via a hijacked Outlaw dropship. Upon entering, they are attacked by Marines from the dimension. However they are saved the dimensions Outlaws. The Outlaws inform the heros that their counterparts launching massive attack from their base. The heros, battling trhough Marines deployed to stop their attack, arrive at the base. They fight their counterparts and detonate explosives to destroy the base. During their escape, however, Ghost gets injured in the leg and tells them to go on. They escape as the base explodes.

Warfare Revolutionized 6Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 6 is the sixth installment. Once again, the Outlaws begin attacking The City. They discover a new deadly Outlaw known as Hunter Outlaws. They also discover the Covenant have sided with Outlaws in order to eradicate humanity. They receive word from General Shepherd, a United States Army general, on a meeting on how to stop the Covenant and Outlaws. They arrive along with Spartan Team Echo and another Spartan Team, Red Team. However, at the ' 'meeting' ', Shepherd begins claiming the enemy is too strong and to survive, humanity must join them. Shepherd kills both Ramirez and Emily of Spartan Team Echo and escapes. They chase down Shepherd, and kill him at a river. However after the incident, a Outlaw warship begins rising from the ground, having a strange biomass around it. Blaze reveals the parasitic Flood, a infection in the future, has arrived to infect the previous humanity. They arrive at the city to discover The City covered with Flood. They encounter Spartan Red Team fighting the Flood, with Douglas 043 of Red Team being killed. The Covenant unknowingly help them by glassing the area and destroying Flood infected ship, removing the Flood from Earth. The heroes then receive news of the USMC and UNSC attacking a Covenant and Outlaw ship and immediately head over there. They destroy the Covenant ship first and quickly move on to the Outlaw ship. They kill the supposed last Chainsaw Outlaws, who were fighting in the battle. Crimson and Ultimax battle and Ultimax is killed by Crimson, which shocks the Outlaws, due to their belief Ultimax could not be killed. The Outlaws use pods to escape the ship. However before Crimson could get off the ship with the others, the ship splits in half and the piece Crimson was on drifts away from Earth. Crimson tells Blaze to be the general before he drifts off. The following day, the United States hold a ceremony for those who were lost in the battle. It is revealed the Covenant scrapped their attack on modern day Earth and returned back to their time, with the UNSC following. Blaze unlike the other Spartans, decides to remain on modern day Earth. During the cliffhangar, it is shown Crimson is still alive and the piece of the ship is crashing towards a planet.

Warfare Revolutionized 7Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 7 is the seventh installment. After Crimsons dissapearence, Blaze has taken leadership. During this time aswell, the Outlaws have also dissapeared. At the rebuilt City a portal appears and ships come through. These strangers reveal themselves as NEVEC, a military group from a another dimension who claim to come with peace. However another group of strangers led by a red armored figure, who call themselves Snow Pirates explain to the heroes that NEVEC has brought with them Akrid, alien creatures from their dimension. They tell them that NEVEC wants to colonize Akrid on Earth, and then when the Akrid of created their hivemind, known as Over-G, they will kill it and harvest the giant amount of T-ENG, a energy NEVEC uses to power its machines. However, killing the Over-G will also trigger an ice age which will cover the whole planet and NEVEC will abandon planet to its doom. The heroes begin looking for NEVEC outposts to find the location of the Over-G. However along the way, Washigton DC is attacked by Akrid, and the heroes rush to defeat them. It is at this time the red armored figure reveals himself as Crimson. After the battle at DC, they head to Brazil to capture a NEVEC operative who knows of the Over-Gs location, on the way however, they are attacked by a Cat-G Akrid, which they soon defeat. After interrogating him, the operative reveals the location. With the combined force the US military and Snow Pirates, they battle the NEVEC army, while Crimson and the others fly to the Over-Gs top. There they set a bomb that will kill the Over-G without triggering a ice age. However, the NEVEC leader arrives and captures them. Blaze sets himself free, but he is killed by the NEVEC leader. Crimson and the others free themselves and kill the NEVEC leader. Then they begin escaping as the Over-G begins exploding. The explosion causes a blackout and disables the Snow Pirates and NEVEC vehicles and technology. However, they all survive with the exception of Blaze. As they take a helicopter back to Rabbiana, they notice Akahrin is missing. The cliffhangar reveals Akahrin with some of T-ENG absorbed, as he creepily smiles at the camera.

Warfare Revolutionized 8Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 8 is the eighth installment. After the events of 7, Akahrin has gone missing and the heroes decide to visit his home. Meanwhile, Akahrin visits his parents grave, and suddenly he gains powers, he has the ability to raise the dead. Crimson and Crazy are then greeted by another Spartan, Azure. Azure tells them he has been assigned with them. As they are looking through Akahrins home, they find his diary, which contains information from his past life. Suddenly skeletons attack Rabbiana, despite their best efforts, they are overwhelmed and they flee to the City. Crimson contacts the Marines and stations some of them to defend the City. The skeletons attack once more, but they are defeated by the military forces. Despite bombings, skeletons hold their ground on Rabbiana. Suddenly, Outlaw dropships appear, revealing the return of the Outlaws. The Marines also hold their ground against the Outlaws. They encounter Akahrin, revealing he is behind the skeletons. After a battle, Akahrin dissapears. Crimson and the others decide to locate Akahrin and stop him. They go through a cave and end up a cementry. There nearby, they find a castle. Before entering, Crimson contacts Shadow Team, a United States black op team. They enter and are attacked by skeletons. They quickly defeat these and move to a big room of the castle. In there, a hoard of skeletons are waiting. Despite outnumbered the Marines hold their ground. Crazy then battles Akahrin, with Akahrin using his spells. The Outlaws also enter the battle, though with little soldiers. Crazy finally defeats Akahrin and they escape along with Akahrin as Edd uses his spells to destroy the castle. Akahrin once again returns neutral. Crimson suddenly malfunctions and is taken to a hospital. There is he transplanted into human body, thus resulting him no longer being a robot. They then prepare to fight the Outlaws once more.

Warfare Revolutionized 9Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 9 is the ninth installment. With Akahrin once neutral, they prepare for any Outlaw attacks. PR comes and tells Crimson that they need to talk in New York City. They fly there along wiht Crazy and Akahrin stowing away. At New York, Outlaws make a surprise attack using toy vehicles and then they deploy their troops. Military forces arrive but are overwhelmed. Crimson and the others battle a Elite Hunter Outlaw before they can escape. After New York is captured, they flee to Miami. There they encounter the Resistance, a group of civilians who were preparing for the attack of United States. They also encounter Outlaw Rebels, who are led by Chainsaw Outlaws which were thought to be extinct. There they are attacked by mutated octopus that was mutated by the Outlaws fuel source. They then escape to California. There, they meet up with Marine forces, including Private Ramirez, who decides to tag along. They suddenly once more encounter the zombie infection and battle the robot Akahrin, who is infected by the infection. They quickly move on to Washignton, and discover a major Outlaw base, they inflitrate and destroy it. They also encounter two Spartans who are captured, Sarge, a western Spartan and Caboose, a mentally retarted Spartan. They fight Dark Crimson and Dark Crazy, their Dark counterparts. They then receive word from the Resistance who is planning to take back New York. On the way to New York, they are ambushed by Russian forces who have allied with the Outlaws. However, Marines attack the base they are being held in and rescue them. Marines decide to take over the operation of New York. They attack the Outlaw-controlled New York with heavy Outlaw resistance. Crimson and the others head to the Empire State Building, which is the command center for the Outlaws. They are attacked by Kantus, the leader of the Chainsaw Outlaws who was revivied. They defeat him and deactivate Outlaw defenses. The Outlaws reveal, that New York is not their main base. Crimson learns that the Outlaws are hiding out in Vietnam. Marines force are deployed, along with the heroes. Despite alot of Marine losses, they continue on and find the base. There, they fight Black Crysis, who heavily injures Crazy. They go on and find Ultimax. Ultimax, there, reveals that he is planning to launch nuclear bombs to giant cities across the world. They battle Ultimax, and after large battle, defeat him. However Ultimax still launches the nukes, and escapes. Azure finds a way to detonate the nukes before they impact and destroys them in space. However, satelite and Outlaw warship debris begins falling from the sky and they quickly rush on Humvees to escape. The US Navy deploys a ship to the coast which they drive onto. Crimson is informed that due to Rabbiana and the City being in ruins, they will live on a cruise temporarily. Crimson decides to give up his post as General and gives it to PR, who in turn, decides to let Crimson join Shadow Team. In the cliffhangar, a group of archealogists find a cave with ancient drawings of bat-people.

Warfare Revolutionized 10Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 10 is the upcoming tenth installment to Warfare Revolutionized.

Warfare Revolutionized 11Edit

Warfare Revolutionized 11 is the upcoming eleventh installment to Warfare Revolutionized. It is also the last installment of the Earth Saga


Warfare Revolutionized 8 was the only one designed by Crazygame, the co-creator of Warfare

At the end of most Warfare Revolutionizeds, Crazy and Akahrin always duel.

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