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Logo of the Marine Corps.

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The United States Marine Corps is the military force of United States, which it uses to head to other countries, such as Iraq. During the events of Warfare Revolutionized 1, when the Outlaws made their surprise attack on USA, a large group of Marines were redeployed to combat the Outlaws, who were later taken under control by Crimson. By Warfare Revolutionized 10, the Army and National Guard have taken over the Marine's position of defending USA from the Outlaws.

Involvements in the Outlaw WarEdit

The Marine Corps always battled the Outlaws during their attacks on cities. They would also lead attacks on their bases or ships aswell. Often times when a situation was very serious, the military would deploy Navy SEALS or Shadow Team to assist Marines. One of the Marines biggest attacks was the Recapture of New York, where the Marines deployed a large force to take back New York City from the Outlaws. They also later led an attack on the Outlaws base in Vietnam. The Marines operations later came to an end when the Army and National Guard took over operations.


Standard Marines are seen equipped with M4 carbines, M16 rifles, ACRs and M249 SAW . These weapons are often equipped with Red Dot sight, ACOG, or the M203 grenade launcher. Marines may also use

800px-US Marine M16A4 Rifle ACOG

Marine firing a M16A4 with ACOG and using the khaki armor.

Outlaw weapons when ammo is low.


Due to sudden redeployment, Marines wore the khaki armor used for Iraq operations.


Marines always have vehicles to back them up. The most known one HMMWV, or 'simply 'Humvee". Humvees are normally armed with M249 LMG, though they can be armed with other weapons aswell. For their main battle tank, Marines commonly use the M1 Abrams. For transporation via air, V-22 Ospreys are used and for bombing runs, the F-15 or F-22 is used.

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