Crimson, Nin

Real Name:





United States Marine Corps


Lancer, Galaxia

Crimson (His original name and prefered name by alot of his closet friends being Nin) is the main protagonist of Warfare Revolutionized.


Not much is known about Crimson's past, other than his family was a ancient bat-human hybrids.


Crimson is bit taller than the average human teenager, standing at 6.5 feet. Due to his bat-human hybrid, he has bat wings on his back which enables him to fly. He also has other bat features, such as seeing a night easier, can hear sonic waves and has a tail. Like a bat, he also eats moths and fruits. This however does not mean he cannot eat regular food. Crimson wears a red armor which is made of scales from a ancient wyvern, making him easily distinguishable from other soldiers on the battlefield. Throughout Warfare Revolutionized 4-8, Crimson has a robotic body under his realistic human skin. He was later given a real human body with wing DNA at the end of Warfare Revolutionized 8.


Crimson is very serious at his job and will never underestimate his opponents. He also enjoys being humored. Despite his bravery, Azure, a fellow friend of his, noted one time Crimson cowardly stood away from a fight due to spotting an owl.


Crimson unlike Crazy, prefers firearms and is very skilled with them. Though he has used multiple weapons, he is commonly seen with the Lancer assault rifle, which is a rifle with a chainsaw. He also has a melee weapon which is a legendary electric sword named Galaxia.


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The red armor Crimson wears in Warfare Revolutionized 7 and on is Rathalos armor from the Monster Hunter game series, more precisely, Monster Hunter Tri.

The weapons Crimson uses are also from other game series, the Lancer being from the Gears of War game series and his sword, Galaxia being from the Kirby game series.

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