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Crazy's Quest
is a series of roleplaying games developed and published by Cat City Entertainment. The series focuses on the main character Crazy who must defeat several bad guys in order to retrieve the four Z-Discs to prevent the worlds from ending.

The series currently has four games, all for the DSLol. More games on planned to be on the DSLol, but after an interview with Crazy's Quest creator, Pawny Nubcaik, more games will be planned on the DSLol's successor, the DSRotfl, or for short the Lol2.


Main gamesEdit

Crazy's Quest is the first game in the series, released in the United States on April 13, 2007 for the DSLol. Crazy's Quest introduced all the main characters and told the story of how all the worlds were soon coming to an end, and it was up to Crazy and his friends to stop the apocalypse from happening. The game is played as a platformer with action elements, and is in an 8-bit style.

Crazy's Quest II, or Crazy's Second Quest, is a sequel to the first game. The game was released in May 13, 2008 for the DSLol. Crazy's Quest ii introduced new characters and new worlds based on a game called ROBLOX. This game is a 8-bit platformer like the first game.

Crazy's Wonderful World is the third game in the series, released on June 13, 2010. Unlike the first two games, this game is in 3D with anime-style graphics. This game is set two years after Crazy's Quest ii and features many new characters and completely new worlds (excluding Rabbiana).

Crazy's Wonderful World: Final Mix is a remake of Crazy's Wonderful World, but it does features new weapons, items, enemies, etc. It was released on August 13, 2010. It also features a new movie, which hints to a new game.

Future titlesEdit

Crazy's Wonderful Life is a new game which leaves off where Crazy's Wonderful World left off. It will be released in July 13, 2012 for the DSRotfl.

Crazy's House Party is a game that has nothing to do with the main story. It takes place during Crazy's birthday, in which all his friends come to his house and throw a party. It will be a minigame collection that includes over 150 minigames. It will be released on December 23, 2012.

Common ElementsEdit


In Crazy's Quest, Crazy and his friends must collect the four Z-Discs hidden in the Worlds of the Heart to stop Blackheart from ending all the worlds. Crazy and his friends later find out the Worlds of the Heart are hidden inside them. Rabbiana inside of Crazy, Dark Woods inside of Akahrin, Dreamer's Carnival inside of Edd, Deep Space inside of Nin, and Castle of Hatred in the real world. After visiting the Castle of Hatred, the worlds are saved and peace is restored.

Crazy's Quest Ii begins with Crazy waking up in a strange dimension called Nowhere. He later finds the others and find outs they are in a world that ended a year ago. They later find they can go to the Worlds of the Heart once again, and must get the Z-Discs all over again. The only problem is that the Worlds of the Heart have become corrupt and will come to an end. Afterwards, they collect all the Z-Discs and a new world appears, called Bricklandia. This world seems very familiar to all of the characters, but nobody completely understands. They find a artifact called the Stopclock, which can reverse time. They reverse time into one year before, so that Nowhere never ended. Crazy wakes up in what Nowhere was before the world ended, Cat City.

Crazy's Wonderful World begins with Crazy walking home in Rabbiana when he sees a huge meteor heading to him. After a explosion, he is woken up in Cat City by two strangers. The strangers tell him he was found in debris from Rabbiana's explosion. Crazy asks if any other worlds were hit by debris, and the strangers tell him a couple did. Crazy then teams up with the two strangers to find his friends. After heading to many different worlds, he finds all his friends and head back to Rabbiana and clean the mess to start all over.


Crazy's Quest and Crazy's Quest II are both platformers in an 8-bit style. Fighting enemies includes using certain weapons and spells. These weapons can be equipped on the bottom screen and spells can be cast by clicking on the spell's icon on the bottom screen. Switching characters can also be done on the bottom screen.

Crazy's Wonderful World is a 3D action RPG. Fighting enemies includes using spells, weapons, items, and assists, which summons characters from past worlds to help fight enemies. The bottom screen is used as a menu, like in the first two games. The bottom screen also includes a map.

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